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If you love pizza and want to make it just as the Italians do, you’ve found your spot. At Uncle Al’s Pizza, we offer practical tips, detailed guides, and insights into making authentic pizza. Our content ranges from the essentials of dough preparation to the creativity of topping selections.

Our Story

Uncle Al’s Pizza sprang from a simple idea: pizza should honor its roots. Aurelio Ricci saw pizzas everywhere getting a makeover that strayed far from the traditional. He decided it was time to act. Our blog is his platform to share the right way to make pizza, ensuring that the classic methods and flavors get the respect they deserve.

Meet the Author

Aurelio Ricci

Aurelio Ricci

Aurelio Ricci is an Italian native with pizza in his DNA. Raised in a family where pizza was more than just food. Italians are quite emotional about their recipes. But they know what they are talking about. And the same is true with Aurelio. Be sure to follow his tips, recipes, and recommendations. You will thank us later!

Our Mission

We stand for tradition, quality, and authenticity. Our mission is to show you how to create a pizza that can proudly be served in any Italian grandmother’s kitchen. We believe in preserving the heritage by sharing knowledge that’s stood the test of time.

So Stay With Us

We commit to offering reliable and honest advice. Aurelio is there to show you the real deal about pizza. If you want to impress your friends, partner, family, or anyone else, we are sure our guides will help.

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