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The Right Way To Cut Pizza

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Pepperoni Pizza on the table
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I know that it may sound ridiculous that you need a guide for something as simple as cutting the pizza into 6 or 8 slices. However, some tricks will help you avoid the annoying situation where half of the cheese and other toppings from one slice end on the one next to it.

Get the Right Tools

Tools for Pizza Cutting

A good pizza cut starts with the right equipment. Here are the four essential tools:

  1. Pizza Cutter Wheel: Ideal for most pizzas, especially thin to medium crusts. It offers a clean cut with minimal effort.
  2. Chef’s Knife: For thicker, gourmet-style pizzas, a sturdy chef’s knife can provide the heft needed to cut through dense layers.
  3. Pizza Scissors: These are particularly effective for deep-dish pizzas where layers are thick and loaded with toppings.
  4. Rocker Knife: If precision is needed, especially for large, thin-crust pizzas, a rocker knife can slice through with one quick motion.

Then Cut it Right

Three Types of Pizza Cut

Different styles of pizza require different approaches to cutting:

  • Wedge Cuts: The classic approach for round pizzas. Start at the center and roll the cutter to the crust, rotate the pizza, and repeat until you have evenly sized triangular slices.
  • Square Cuts: Best for Sicilian and Detroit-style pizzas. After baking, slice the pizza into rows and columns to create small, easy-to-handle squares. This method maximizes the number of servings and is perfect for parties.
  • Strip Cuts: Suitable for rectangular, thin-crust pizzas. Slice the pizza lengthwise into long, narrow strips. This is ideal for snack-sized portions or appetizers.

Additional Tips for a Perfect Slice

Tips for perfect pizza cutting

Here are some additional tips to help you master the art of pizza cutting:

  • Let the Pizza Cool: Allow the pizza to cool for a few minutes after removing it from the oven. This settles the cheese and toppings, making it easier to achieve a clean slice.
  • Sharp Tools: Always ensure your cutting tools are sharp. A dull blade can drag toppings across the pizza, leading to uneven slices and a messy presentation.
  • Use a Cutting Board: Place the pizza on a sturdy cutting board. This provides a solid surface and prevents damage to your countertops.
  • Clean Cuts: Make sure each cut is complete, pressing down firmly and rolling or rocking the cutter through the crust.


Serve pizza cut on the board

Finally, consider how you serve your pizza:

  • Direct from the Board: Serve the pizza right from the cutting board for a rustic, inviting presentation.
  • Heated Trays: To keep pizza warm during gatherings, place slices on a heated tray.
  • Garnishes: A small touch of fresh herbs or a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil can enhance the flavor and appearance before serving.

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