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How To Make A Stuffed Crust Pizza?

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Edge of Stuffed Crust Pizza
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Making stuffed crust pizza is more than just wrapping cheese in the dough. You gotta get the amount of stuff right and use the proper methods to make each slice come out great. Let’s take a look at each part from the dough to the toppings and I’ll give you some pointers to help you get the best results.

Ingredients and Tools

putting cheese underneath our pizza crust

For the dough, you can either make your own or pick some up from the store – just make sure it’s soft enough that you can stretch it without it ripping.

For the cheese, mozzarella sticks usually work great cause they hold their shape nice as they melt, but slices will do the trick too.

You’ll also need some sauce. Go with a good marinara and choose your favorite toppings. Be careful not to add too much of any one thing or it might overpower the whole pizza.

As for tools, a pizza stone or baking sheet, a rolling pin to flatten out the dough, and a scraper to move the pizza around will make the process easier.

Get the Dough Ready

Making the dough for Stuffed Crust Pizza

If you’re making the dough yourself, start by mixing up some warm water(around 110 degrees) with a little sugar and yeast.

Let it sit until it gets all foamy. Then stir in some olive oil and gradually add flour and salt while mixing it together into a soft, stretchy dough.

It should rise until it’s doubled in size. And if you have time, sticking it in the fridge overnight will make it even better tasting and easier to work with.

Form the Stuffed Edges

Form of Stuffed Crust Pizza Edge

Once your dough is done rising, roll it out on a floured surface until it’s about 14 inches wide, or however thick or thin you like your crust.

Place strips of mozzarella cheese around the outside edge, about an inch in from the side.

Carefully fold that dough over so it covers the cheese, pressing down to seal it in tight.

Make sure that the seal is closed up good so the cheese doesn’t ooze out while it bakes.

Add the Sauce and Toppings

Sauce for Stuffed Crust Pizza

Spread a thin layer of sauce over the middle part, but be careful not to get it on those stuffed edges.

Then sprinkle on lots of shredded mozzarella cheese. Pile on your favorite toppings too.

But don’t overload it or the pizza might get soggy. Even though more toppings sound good, less is more sometimes.

Final Thoughts

Making homemade pizza is such a fun activity. It’s a tasty meal the whole family can enjoy together. And knowing how to put one together from scratch is a great skill to have.

Don’t be afraid to get creative too. Try different toppings, sauces, or cheese combinations.

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